The World’s Six Most Beautiful Beaches

Published September 5, 2011
Updated February 2, 2016

Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos

Beautiful Beaches Providenciales Water

Source: Kite Provo

Known commonly as “Provo,” Providenciales Island is surrounded by one of the largest, healthiest coral reef systems in the world, making it a popular attraction for divers. Tropical fish peek from the clear waters and a vast array of aquatic wildlife can be found just a hop, skip and a dive from the miles of white beaches.

Beautiful Beaches Providenciales Beach

TripAdvisor ranked Providenciales Island the best beach of 2011 and it’s not hard to understand why. The Providenciales covers an area of 38 miles, the majority of which is covered in white sand beaches disappearing beneath the ebb and flow of turquoise waters. The best of these beaches, and a long coral reef teeming with aquatic life, can be found on the north shore of the island in Grace Bay.

Providenciales Islandh

Beautiful Beaches Providenciales Snorkeling Picture