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Published July 21, 2017

Watch Divers Recover American Remains At WWII Crash Site

Submerged Wwii Plane

FacebookA submerged plane being inspected by a team from the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center.

The United States government is still searching for around 200 Americans who died in Croatia during World War II.

And now, it’s possible that at least one of those soldiers has been found.

Approximately 130 feet below the surface of the Adriatic Sea lie the remains of the Tulsamerican plane, the last B-24 Liberator bomber model built near the end of the war. It crashed near Vis Island — an important Ally airbase — in 1944.

Members of the Croatian Defense Ministry and the National Parks Service Submerged Resource Center searched for 17 years before finding the plane’s remains in 2010.

They knew that three members of the aircraft’s ten-person crew died in the crash, but they’re still unsure which soldier (or soldiers) they found this month.

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Wine Older Than United States Found In New Jersey Museum


Wikimedia CommonsTypical Madeira wine bottles

New Jersey’s Liberty Hall Museum is about to have a pretty rowdy party.

Or, at least, they could after having discovered more than 90 bottles and demijohns (aka old-timey bottles) of wine behind a Prohibition-era wall and locked wooden cage in their cellar.

And not just any wine! Extremely rare Madeira wine dating back to as early as 1769.

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