This Week In History News, June 17 – 23

Published June 22, 2018

Ancient mummy unearthed in stunning condition, lost Da Vinci painting possibly uncovered, extinct gibbon found in ancient Chinese tomb.

Accidentally-Preserved Russian Mummy Found In Stunning Condition After 2,000 Years

Russian Skeleton

The Siberian Times

Archaeologists working near the Yenisei River in Siberia have found a 2,000-year-old Russian mummy so well-preserved that the soft tissues, skin, and clothing are still intact. And all this from remains that were only mummified accidentally.

Learn more about how this mummification happened and what else the researchers found — including the funereal meal found in a pouch on her chest — at The Siberian Times.

Expert Claims To Have Uncovered Leonardo Da Vinci’s First Work

Uncovered Da Vinci Painting

Annamaria De Pao/CNN

With just about 500 years having passed since his death, you’d think that we’d now have all the works of Leonardo Da Vinci discovered and accounted for. But one art expert claims that he’s just found what looks to be the Renaissance artist’s earliest work — one the world has never seen before.

Learn more at CNN.

Extinct Gibbon Found Inside Ancient Chinese Tomb

Gibbon Skull


A skull found within a 2200- to 2300-year-old tomb in China belonged to a species of gibbon that no longer exists, likely going extinct in the 18th century, if not earlier. And the reason that such news has scientists so interested is that this looks to be the first recorded instance of humans having driven a primate species to extinction.

Dig deeper at the BBC.

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