This Day In History, July 19th

What happened on this day in history: The Rosetta Stone is discovered in the Nile Delta in 1799, Wild West gunslinger Doc Holliday kills his first man in 1879, and more.

1553: Lady Jane Grey Is Deposed As Queen

Lady Jane Grey is deposed as Queen of England after just nine days on the throne. Dubbed the “Nine Days’ Queen,” Grey rose to power upon the command of her late cousin, King Edward VI, who preferred her succession over that of his half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth. But Mary’s supporters rallied to her side, leading to Grey’s imprisonment and later execution.

1799: The Rosetta Stone Is Discovered

Today In History July 19

Steven Zucker, Smarthistory co-founder/FlickrThe Rosetta Stone provided the key to translating the “lost” language of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Rosetta Stone is found by a French soldier in Egypt. The 2,000-year-old stone included inscriptions in Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Egyptian demotic. Because each of the texts said the same thing, it allowed researchers to interpret hieroglyphics for the first time.

1879: Doc Holliday Kills For The First Time

John Henry “Doc” Holliday kills Mike Gordon, marking the first — but not last — time that the Wild West icon would take a life. Holliday, a former dentist, crossed paths with Gordon at Holliday’s saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico. When Gordon started firing in the saloon after a girl refused to run away with him, Holliday shot and killed Gordon with a single shot.

1912: Enjar Mikkelsen Is Rescued From The Arctic

Ejnar Mikkelsen

Arktisk Institut/Public DomainEjnar Mikkelsen, shortly before his rescue in 1912.

Ejnar Mikkelsen is rescued from the Arctic after 28 months. The Danish explorer had first arrived in August 1909. But after his ship grew trapped in the ice most of Mikkelsen’s crew abandoned him, leaving him to brave the harsh conditions of the Arctic with one other man.

2013: The Annabelle Doll Is Introduced To The World For The First Time In The Conjuring

The Annabelle Doll is introduced in the film The Conjuring, becoming an instant sensation. Although the movie differs from the true story of Annabelle, both versions are equally unnerving.

The Original Annabelle Doll

Warrens’ Occult MuseumThe real Annabelle doll’s location at the Warrens’ Occult Museum.

According to famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, Annabelle is responsible for two near-death experiences, one fatal accident, and demonic activity. The doll previously belonged to a nurse who reported that it moved around her home at night, left notes with the words “help me,” and attacked male visitors.