Vertical Gardens, An “Up” And Coming Green Trend

Published April 25, 2013
Updated February 28, 2018
Vertical Gardens Shenzhen Asian Cairn Farmscraper

Source: Strangeline

Shenzhen’s Vertical Gardens

In Shenzhen, China, the French firm Vincent Callebaut Architects designed an eye-catching vertical garden structure they’re calling the Shenzhen Asian Cairn Farmscraper. The construction and appearance of these six buildings are inspired by cairns (stacks of rocks used by hikers to mark trails). The architects hope to offset environmental damage while providing China’s rapidly growing population with ample living situations.

Though architects and designers are working to incorporate vertical gardens into some massive structures, this gardening technique is and has always been successful when conducted on a much smaller scale, as seen in the images below. For a thriving vertical garden, the chosen location needs only rich soil, ample natural sunlight and a water source. The grower must also take into account the nature of the foliage, as some plants (i.e. ivy) grow vertically naturally, while others must be supported by a frame or structure.

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