Vigilante Kills Teenage Shoplifter For Stealing Diapers At Florida Walmart

Published February 6, 2017
Updated June 26, 2019
Published February 6, 2017
Updated June 26, 2019

This weekend, an unidentified Florida man killed a teenager at a Walmart in Pine Hills, Florida in order to prevent him from stealing diapers, according to the local sheriff’s department.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Angelo Nieves said that the victim, 19-year-old Arthur Adams, was stealing the diapers alongside three others at around 8 a.m. Saturday morning.

A Walmart employee confronted them in the store’s parking lot after they already left the store. Nieves said that a nearby man then tried “assisting” the employee, but that a “commotion” ensued.

“What we have at this point is that the individual felt threatened — one of the suspects reached for something [and he] thought that it was a weapon or firearm,” Nieves said. “The individual who was assisting the [employee] was armed and used that weapon to fire on the suspect.”

The shooter, apparently fearing his life according to the Orlando Sentinel, opened fire and shot Adams multiple times. Panicked, the shoplifting suspects piled into their sedan — stolen in a carjacking this past January — and attempted to escape.

However, their getaway vehicle crashed into two other cars in the parking lot, forcing them to get out of the car and flee on foot. Adams then ran to a gas station across the street and collapsed inside. The store clerks called an ambulance, but Adams later died at the hospital.

The sheriff’s office is currently reviewing nearby surveillance footage to see where the other suspects may have fled. They are still unidentified, although detectives found one female juvenile involved in the incident at a hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to her leg, according to WESH Channel 2 News.

The vigilante who killed Adams remained on the scene to give his statement to authorities. The sheriff’s department has not announced whether or not they will file charges against him.

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