17 Egg-cellent Vintage Easter Advertisements

Published April 19, 2014
Updated November 24, 2014

Now that spring has arrived, it’s hard to meander through a grocery store without running into a wall of pastel bunnies and eggs. The traditions surrounding the Easter Bunny date back to pagan spring festivals which touted that both eggs and hares are a sign of fertility, which for obvious reasons is a much-celebrated trait–especially in the days when medicine the way we think of it didn’t really exist. When Christians began celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in tandem with springtime festivals, the two events eventually blended together, the result being that bunnies and eggs wormed their way into religious tradition and consumer pop culture.

In the 17th century, German writings show the Easter Bunny making an appearance as Oschter Haws, a rabbit that laid a nest of colorful eggs as a present for good children. Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny has taken on many names, appearances and traits in various cultures. Yet as seen in this egg-cellent collection of vintage Easter ads, the Easter Bunny has only become more ingrained in popular culture as time passes on. Anyway, pardon the puns—we think you’ll love this gallery of vintage Easter advertisements. See if you can spot your favorite brands!

Coca-Cola Vintage Ad
Whitman's Chocolate Ad 1948
Vintage Easter Advertisement Manhattan
Vintage Kodak Advertisement
17 Egg-cellent Vintage Easter Advertisements
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