20 Monopoly Games You Never Knew Existed

Published November 19, 2015
Updated February 4, 2016

As anyone who has played the board game Monopoly knows, the pursuit of profit can lead people to do some pretty outlandish things — including creating dozens of Monopoly variations to market to a specific demographic. Originally made in 1903 as a way to help people understand progressive political economist Henry George’s “single tax” plan, Monopoly has since transformed into a global board game in which capitalistic land grabbing becomes a form of entertainment. November 19th marks “Play Monopoly” Day, so below are 20 variations which prove that there is no market into which Monopoly bigwigs will not tap:

weird Monopoly games Cthulhu
Weird Monopoly Games Gay
Weird Monopoly Games Swindon
Weird Monopoly Games Sun Maid
20 Monopoly Games You Never Knew Existed
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Erin Kelly
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