The 16 Weirdest News Headlines That We Saw In 2018

Published December 26, 2018
Updated August 15, 2019

Silicon Valley Trendsters Pay $25 For “Raw Water” And Probably Poisoned Themselves

Mukhande Singh Founder Of Live Water

Live Water/FacebookLive Water founder Mukhande Singh holds a water jug.

“The first time I drank fresh, living spring water,” said Live Water founder Mukhande Singh, “a surge of energy and peacefulness entered my being; I could never go back to drinking dead water again.”

The weird news of “raw water” has spread, and now, other startups like this “raw water” firm have contributed to an upswing in the buying and selling of untreated, unfiltered, unsterilized drinking water for human consumption.

According to a recent report by The New York Times, Live Water and several other startups have gained traction, particularly on the West Coast, over the past few years thanks largely to Silicon Valley venture capital. One Arizona-based firm, Zero Mass Water, which installs systems allowing people to collect water from the atmosphere around their homes, has already raised $24 million.

Woman Holding Live Water Jug

Live Water/FacebookA Live Water customer identified as libbycrow poses for a photo, shared by Live Water, thanking the company for its product.

Doug Evans has embraced Live Water and become, as the Times wrote, “the most prominent proponent of raw water.”

Evans, who brought 50 gallons of Live Water to the Burning Man festival this year, stated that the raw water trend now has a legitimate foothold: “I’m extreme about health, I know, but I’m not alone with this. There are a lot of people doing this with me. You never know who you’ll run into at the spring.”

Evans indeed isn’t alone. The Times reported that 2.5-gallon glass orbs of Live Water were selling for $36.99 (which includes the cost of the container) at San Francisco’s Rainbow Grocery. In the few days since that report went live, Business Insider stated that the price rose to $60.99.

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