What We Love This Week, Volume CXXXVII

Published August 28, 2015
Syrian Girl Ash Blood

Image Source: The Atlantic

Syria’s Children

Syrian Boy Girl Rubble

Image Source: The Atlantic

Over the course of four years of war in Syria, over 4 million refugees have fled the country. Naturally, many of those 4 million are children. If they’re lucky, they’ve left their homes, been literally thrown over or shoved through barbed border fences, crossed seas, and found safe haven in Europe. Of course, many of Syria’s children aren’t at all that lucky. Head to The Atlantic to visit the rubble, hospitals, battlefields, and refugee camps where Syria’s youngest are bearing the brunt of this war.

Syrian Mother Baby Tent

Image Source: The Atlantic

Girl Takes LSD, Draws A Series Of Self-Portraits…

Girl Self Portrait Sketch

Fifteen minutes after taking LSD. Image Source: Bored Panda

Once upon a time, LSD was legal. Doctors administered it, Time magazine gave it positive reviews, the C.I.A. figured out how they might use it to their advantage, and researchers across the U.S. and Europe studied it. One infamous study, which most claim took place at U.C.-Irvine in 1954, saw researchers giving LSD to their subjects, then asking them to draw or paint a series of self-portraits over the next several hours. Not too long, one intrepid Redditor replicated that study. See some of the results here, then watch it get even weirder at Bored Panda.

Girl Lsd Sketch Colorful

Two hours and 15 minutes after taking LSD. Image Source: Bored Panda

Lsd Sketch Swirling Face

Six hours after taking LSD. Image Source: Bored Panda

Inside The World’s Biggest Food Fight

Men Lying Ground Tomato

Image Source: The Roosevelts

In 1945, in the small town of Buñol, Spain, a fight broke out at the end of a local parade as residents pelted each other with vegetables from nearby produce stands. The next year, it happened again, only this time, they’d planned it, with people brining their own produce from home ahead of time. Over the years, the playful fighting grew and grew, and now, at this year’s 70th anniversary fight, 40,000 participants threw over 44 tons of tomatoes. Experience the carnage at The Roosevelts.

Man Tomato Bucket Toss

Image Source: The Roosevelts

Man Food Fight Bucket

Image Source: The Roosevelts

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