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Published June 3, 2016
Updated June 2, 2016

Rare Celebrity Yearbook Photos

William Shatner

William Shatner, West Hill High School, Montreal, Canada (1948). Vintage Everyday

In these precious photos, celebrities get the embarrassing-parent treatment: Their yearbook photos are now on full display for everyone to see. And some of these celebrities were positively adorable before they became famous.

You can check out more of your favorite stars as teenagers at Vintage Everyday.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers, Adelphi Academy, New York, New York (1950). Vintage Everyday

Robin Williams

Robin Williams, Redwood High School, Larkspur, California (1969). Vintage Everyday

Ellis Island Immigrant Portraits Capture The Spirit Of American Diversity

Romanian Piper

Augustus Sherman/New York Public Library via Flickr A Romanian immigrant poses with his instrument.

As a clerk at Ellis Island from 1892-1925, Augustus Sherman was in a unique position to document countless immigrants as they attempted to gain entrance into the United States.

The untrained photographer had an undeniable natural talent: Even with bulky cameras and the time-consuming exposure process they required, Sherman was able to take more than 200 photos — of subjects typically detained for interrogation — that reveal as much about the subjects’ fears as they do the diverse reality of our national heritage.

Check out more in this stunning gallery.

Guadeloupean Woman

Augustus Sherman/New York Public Library via Flickr A Guadeloupean woman, 1911.

German Stowaway

Augustus Sherman/New York Public Library via Flickr A tattooed German stowaway allegedly deported in May 1911.

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