The 5 Worst Ways To Die

Published September 16, 2014
Updated July 9, 2018

From slow, to strange, to unbelievably embarrassing, these are some of the worst ways to die.

Worst Ways To Die

All men must die, but some deaths are significantly better than others. Carbon monoxide poisoning sounds pretty pleasant and freezing to death is allegedly kind of peaceful. Even walking the plank could be a noble way to go, but this list isn’t about nice ways to die. From slow, to strange, to unbelievably embarrassing, here are some of the worst ways to die.

Worst Ways To Die: Execution by Elephant

Worst Ways To Die Execution by Elephant

Source: Wikipedia

In South and Southeast Asia, elephants were trained to crush, dismember and torture prisoners, especially mutinous soldiers, in public arenas. Because elephants are such intelligent animals, they were able to take directions well.

An Asian elephant could kill a victim immediately if that was the desired outcome, but he/she could also draw it out if they were feeling particularly vindictive. Often it would take hours for a victim to die.

Execution by Elephant

Source: Wikipedia

Leaders were so fond of using an elephant to kill enemies not just for physical reasons, but also psychological one. Death by elephant signified both absolute power over man as well as man’s control of nature. A combination of the two was thought to be the most complete type of power, and it validated the ruler’s position.

While the practice was suppressed and eventually eradicated (we hope) during the 18th and 19th centuries when European colonization popularized quieter forms of torture and sneakier types of suppression, many travel logs recounting public executions by elephants still exist.

Julia Day
Julia Day is a New York based writer and illustrator. She attended Colby College where she studied 17th Century Poetry, Environmental Science, and Philosophy.
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