Your World This Week, Oct. 25-Nov. 1

Published October 26, 2015

New Study Shows Which Foods Are The Most Addictive

Cheeses Platter Fruit Herbs

Image Source: Renoufs

The list of the most addictive foods–as found recently by a University of Michigan study–isn’t at all surprising: pizza, chocolate, chips, cookies, ice cream, French fries, cake, and soda. But what might be surprising is just how much these foods act like drugs.

Like drugs, these foods are specifically tailored to increase their addictive qualities. In the case of the foods, they’re highly processed with added fats and/or sugars. And like drugs, they’re absorbed rapidly by the body, creating a kind of high followed by a crash. This spike and fall pattern manipulates the brain’s reward system in frighteningly destructive ways. Read more and take a short version of the study’s survey to see how prone to food addiction you may be at CNN.

5 Events To Know About This Week

Patriot Act

Pres. Bush signs the Patriot Act into law. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

  • October 26. 2001: The United States passes the USA Patriot Act into law.
  • Police Fingerprints Sheet

    Image Source: Year 9 Forensics

  • October 28, 1904: The St. Louis Police Department becomes the first to use fingerprinting.
  • Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy as captured by NASA Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons

  • October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy hits New York City, causing $19 billion worth of public and private losses in the city.
  • Old Computer 1969

    The SDS Sigma 7 computer (above) was the model from which the first computer-to-computer message was sent. Image Source: The It Blog

  • October 29, 1969: The ARPANET network, forerunner of the internet, establishes the first computer-to-computer communication.
  • Oberlin College

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

  • October 30, 1838: Oberlin Collegiate Institute in Ohio becomes the first U.S. college to admit female students.
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