21 Stunning Vintage Photos Of The Années Folles Of 1920s Paris

Published August 17, 2016
Updated November 14, 2017

You probably know the City of Lights as one of most romantic places in the world. And nearly a century ago, with horse-drawn carriages clopping down cobblestone streets and the whole thing preserved for history in luscious black-and-white, that was truer than ever. Immerse yourself in 1920s Paris with these incredible vintage photos:

1920s Paris River Seine
A boat on the Seine River in 1926, with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the background. National Library of France

Children Boxing
Children boxing in an outdoor match, 1921. National Library of France

Coin Rue De Seine Eugene Atget
Looking down the Rue de Seine, as shot by the pioneer of documentary photography, Eugène Atget, circa 1924.Eugène Atget/Wikimedia Commons

Cyclist In 1920s Paris
Cyclists, 1920.National Library of France

Horticulture Exhibition Grand Palais 1922
A horticulture exhibition at the Grand Palais in 1922. National Library of France

Jardin De Tuileries Yvon
The Jardin de Tuileries taken by the little-known photographer, Yvon.Yvon/Editions Yvon

La Neige In Paris
Street cleaners clear slushy snow off the sidewalk, 1922. National Library of France

Longchamp Racecourse 1926
The Longchamp Racecourse, 1926. National Library of France

Mi Careme Parade Horses
The queen of the Mi-Carême parade on her float, 1921.National Library of France

Nun Montmarte 1929
A nun walks down a street in the Montmartre neighborhood in 1929. National Library of France

Palm Sunday In Paris
Palm Sunday, 1922. National Library of France

Quai Saint Michel Paris
The quiet Quai Saint-Michel, as photographed by Yvon. Yvon/Editions Yvon

Place De L'Opera 1926
The Place De L'Opera, 1926. National Library of France

James Joyce And Ezra Pound In Paris
From left, the writers James Joyce, Ezra Pound, John Quinn, and Ford Madox Ford, 1923. New York Public Library

Vintage Photos Of 1920s Paris
Eugène Atget captured this prostitute sitting in front of her door in 1921. Eugène Atget; Wikimedia Commons

Megisserie Yvon
The Quai de la Mégisserie, as photographed by Yvon. Yvon/Editions Yvon

Shoeshiner Paris 1929
A man gets his shoes shined, 1929. National Library of France

Train Station Paris 1929
A busy train station, 1929. National Library of France

Woman 1925
A young woman leans up against a wall, 1925. National Library of France.

Women's Car Rally 1926
A women's car rally hosts hot air balloons, 1926. National Library of France

The Pantheon Eugene Atget
Eugene Atget's shot of the Pantheon on a foggy day, circa 1924.Eugène Atget/Wikimedia Commons

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