Amazing Photographs Of The Summer Of 1969 In New York

Published July 30, 2013
Updated January 17, 2018

While the late 1960s are often associated with the cultural shift spurred by the cities of California, New York City was undergoing its own significant and rapid transformation. With Greenwich Village becoming the hippie enclave of the east coast and New York experiencing an accelerated white flight, the demographics and make-up of the city quickly changed. Below, we take a fascinating look at the summer of 1969 in New York:

A Model In New York In 1969
Hanging Out In New York City
Pink Fashion In New York
Hare Krishnas
Amazing Photographs Of The Summer Of 1969 In New York
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Bonus Videos Of 1969 In New York

All images above from Life Magazine - Summer in the City: Revisiting the Ultra-Cool ‘New York Look’ of 1969.

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