Before The Islamic Revolution, Iran Looked Like This

Published May 13, 2015
Updated February 21, 2016

Scene From 1970s Iran

As we have written, for a good chunk of the early to late 20th century the Pahlavis ruled the Iranian state and enjoyed a close relationship with the United States–so much so that the CIA and MI6 would launch a coup d’etat to keep the Shah (the king) in power in the 1950s.

While in power in the 20th century, the Shah made clothing politically symbolic, using law to legislate men’s and women’s apparel and highlight Iran’s ties with the West. The Shah forbade women from wearing the hijab and would fine men if they didn’t dress in Western style. Put differently, Iran might have looked more liberated and modern under the Shah’s autocratic rule, but much of this “liberation” came by force.

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Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox holds a Master's in International Affairs from The New School as well as a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and now serves as an Assistant Professor at the University of Sheffield. Her work as a writer has also appeared on DNAinfo.