7 Creepy Abandoned Cities From Across The World

Published April 22, 2014
Updated September 18, 2020

Pripyat, Ukraine

Abandoned Cities Pripyat City View

Source: HQ Desktop

A testament to the destructive power of nuclear energy, Pripyat, Ukraine was a booming Russian city before the Chernobyl catastrophe. The power plant’s tragic meltdown spurred a sudden and rapid evacuation of Pripyat and the surrounding areas. Everything was deemed contaminated and was therefore left behind.

Over the years, vandals have struck most of the buildings, hastening the ruin started by time and the elements. Not ones to miss out on a moment to profit, however, in 2005 an American entrepreneur founded a company to give tours of the dilapidated Soviet structure. Be sure to catch this amazing overhead video of Chernobyl and Pripyat:

Abandoned Cities Pripyat Schoolhouse

Source: Flickr

Abandoned Cities Pripyat Ghost Carnival

Source: Top Yaps

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