The World’s Most Amazing Natural Events

Published April 15, 2014
Updated February 26, 2020
Published April 15, 2014
Updated February 26, 2020

Amazing Natural Events: The Great Salmon Run

Amazing Natural Events Salmon Run

Source: Salmon Guy

An annual staple in British Columbia, the great salmon rush is the name given to the event where massive amounts of salmon swim toward the upper reaches of rivers, where they spawn on gravel beds.

After spawning, all Pacific (and most Atlantic) salmon die, and thus the salmon cycle begins again. Aside from the public spectacle the run generates, the salmon run also brings out grizzly bears, bald eagles and sport fishermen, all ready to take their share of the rosy-colored fish.

Salmon Natural Events

Source: Sacbee

Natural Events Salmon Migration

Source: Shuswap BBQ

See the colorful salmon in action in this short video clip:

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