The Biggest Mysteries Of Ancient History

Published June 6, 2012
Updated November 27, 2017

Mysteries Of Ancient History: The Carnac Stones

Carnac Stones

The Carnac Stones are 3,000 megalithic stones located on the coast of Brittany, France. The stones are arranged in perfect lines over a distance of 12 kilometers and were built in the Neolithic age by an unknown group of people. To date, the most perplexing aspect of the Carnac Stones is why so many stones have been placed so symmetrically in one specific spot.

Mythological explanations hypothesize that each structure is a soldier in the Roman legion turned into stone by the wizard Merlin or Saint Cornelius. However, more scientific theories posit that the stone structures were something of an elaborate earthquake detector.

Mysteries Of Ancient History Carnac Stones

Carnac Stones Photograph

Ancient Mysteries Carnac Stones

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