24 Mesmerizing Examples Of Animal Camouflage In The Wild

Published January 12, 2016
Updated July 1, 2020

When you try to find all 24 hidden critters in these photos, you'll understand why animal camouflage is such an effective tool for survival.

For animals that have developed it, camouflage is often their first line of defense against predators and their best offense to catch their prey. Today, we look at 24 astounding examples of camouflage that make animals perfectly blend in with their environment:

Viewing note: After each picture, the animal will be revealed in the following slide.

Cheetah Cub

Cheetah Cub Circled
A Cheetah cub hides among the tall grasses of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.


Coyote Circled
The coat of a coyote lends itself to disguise in a snowy field in Washington, USA.

Bull Snake

Bull Snake Circled
Native to North America, bull snakes use constriction to attack and kill their primary prey, rodents.


Impala Circled
An impala hides among vegetation in Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Blue Dacnis

Blue Dacnis Circled
A blue dacnis rests in the flora in Panama.

Crab Spider

Crab Spider Circled
Throughout the day, crab spiders will change their color scheme depending on where they're looking for prey. Here, a crab spider melds into the bark of a tree.


Lizard Circled
A lizard is virtually undetectable when hiding in verdant vegetation.


Frog Circled
This frog is nearly invisible against the backdrop of a grey tree.


Iguana Circled
An iguana hangs out among the flora of Costa Rica.

Baby Owls

Baby Owls Circled
A group of owlets peer out from their nest on the side of a cliff.

Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Seadragon Circled
Found on the western coast of Australia, leafy seadragons use leaf-like protrusions to hide in the ocean.

Long Spinnered Bark Spider

Long Spinnered Bark Spider Circled
A long-spinnered bark spider disguises itself in tree bark to ambush prey in Masoala Peninsula National Park, Madagascar.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Circled
A mountain lion takes a break in an alcove in the Rocky Mountains.

Owl Camouflage

Owl Camouflage Circled
An owl makes perfect use of its surroundings to disguise itself.

Platypelis Grandis Frog

Platypelis Grandis Frog Circled
A juvenile platypelis grands frog hides among the ground vegetation of a forest in Madagascar.

Queen Snake

Queen Snake Circled
Found primarily in the southern United States, queen snakes reside by streams where they feed on their primary prey, fresh water crayfish.

Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko

Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko Circled
The mossy leaf-tailed gecko is a professional when it comes to ambushing prey in the wild.


Seahorse Circled
Pygmy seahorses -- whose primary environment are the coral reefs of southeast Asia -- use their size (no longer than an inch long) and color to evade predators.

Spectacled Caiman

Spectacled Caiman Circled
A spectacled caiman -- a mid-size crocodile indigenous to South America -- hides itself in Venezuela.


Squirrel Circled
A California ground squirrel blends into the surrounding rocky environment.

Three Leaf Litter Toads

Three Leaf Litter Toads Circled
Three leaf-litter toads blend into the forest floor in Panama.

Uroplatus Gecko Camouflage

Uroplatus Gecko Camouflage Circled
A mossy leaf-tailed gecko hides by blending into a tree trunk in a tropical forest in Madagascar.

White Tailed Ptarmigans

White Tailed Ptarmigans Circled
White-tailed ptarmigans are perfectly adapted for the snowy confines of Manitoba, Canada.

Mediterranean Octopus

Mediterranean Octopus Circled
A Mediterranean octopus uses its color and texture to mimic the ocean floor.

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