50 Incredible Examples Of Macro Photography In Action

Published November 29, 2014
Updated October 28, 2019

In these fifty macro photographs, insects become menacing monsters and snowflakes can be viewed in all their natural beauty.

Much ado is made about portraiture of the world’s most glamorous, but some of the best photography out there captures the lives of those whose existence we can barely perceive. Macro photography captures ordinary objects — often insects and plants — with extraordinary detail. The resulting photographs reveal aspects that aren’t obvious upon first glance, transforming something as simple as a drop of water into a colorful kaleidoscope of color and depth.

Macro photography can convert benign insects into big-eyed monsters, or highlight the true beauty of some natural elements (such as snowflakes) in great detail. Here are some of the world’s most incredible macro photography images:

Incredible Examples of Macro Photography

Snowflake in Detail
Source: Bored Panda

Spider Macro Photography
Source: pictureline

Platinum Macro Photography
Platinum by R. Tanaka. Source: Demilked

Coral Macro Photography
Coral. Source: Felix Salazar

Beautiful Macro Photography of Leaves

Sea Urchin in Detail
Sea urchin. Source: Norway Street

Coral Up Close Photos
Coral. Source: Felix Salazar

Macro Photography Donald Jusa

Salt and Pepper Under Microscope
Salt and pepper. Source: Wikimedia

Incredible Lizard Eye
Source: CC Cam

Bubbles Macro Photography
Source: Batailley

Beautiful Blooming Flower

Cactus Spikes Macro Photography
Cactus spikes. Source: Neely Wang Photography

Marijuana Macro Photography
Marijuana. Source: Flickr

Dragonfly in Detail
Source: Spotimg

Soap and Water Incredible Up Close
Soap and water. Source: rebloggy

Beautiful Physalis Fruits
Physalis fruits. Source: HQ Wallpapers

Dew on Spiderweb
Dew on a spiderweb. Source: Miks Media

Insect Eyeballs Up Close

Ice Macro Photography
Ice sheet by Brian Valentine. Source: Telegraph

Colorful Insects on Branch
Source: webneel

Cherry Leaf Macro Photography
Cherry leaf. Source: Photograph: to draw in light

Bismuth Up Close
Bismuth, an element. Source: demilked

Bug Macro Photography

Rusty Chain Up Close
Rusty chain. Source: Justin's Blog

Butterfly Egg Magnified
Butterfly egg on a Passiflora plant. Source: Fun is for Assholes

Colorful Macro Photography
Source: deviantART

Pine Needles Up Close
Source: Wikimedia

Ladybug Macro Photography
Source: Walls Evolve

Snowflake Macro Photography
Snowflake by Alexey Kljatov. Source: Bored Panda

Tropical Flowers Up Close
Source: Macro Nature

Winter Screw Up Close
Source: Gizmodo

Leaf Photography Shihya Kowatari
Source: Photoity

Caterpillar Up Close

Stunning Macrophotography

Cactus Spikes Magnified

Fire Macro Photography
Source: All Photoz

Flying Dragonfly
Source: Wall Finest

Dandelion Spores
Source: deviantART

Peacock Feather Macro Photography
Peacock feather. Source: Darryl Smith

Insects Up Close
Source: crafthubs

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