6 Astonishing Asian Structures That Boggle The Mind

Published May 24, 2014
Updated January 18, 2018

Amazing Asian Structures: Elephant Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Asian Structures Elephant Skyline

Source: Somsa Wat

While it’s not necessarily the most visually stunning structure on this list, Bangkok’s Elephant Tower makes up for that in its uniqueness. Considering the elephant’s cultural and historical importance within Thailand, Elephant Tower invites viewers and tenants to consider the place that the majestic animal holds in the heart of Thai people.

Elephant Tower Streets

Source: Szepkepek

Elephant Tower Sunset

Source: Blogspot

The actual tower itself is a 332 feet tall high-rise located in a busy Bangkok junction, and is filled with high-tech offices, residential suites and a shopping plaza. Designed by Thai engineer Arun Chaiseri, the building is a complete elephant replica with eyes, tusks and four legs.

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