55 Rare Photographs Of Life In North Korea

Published May 23, 2014
Updated July 3, 2019

A haunting look inside one of the world's last closed societies, the Hermit Kingdom.

As one of the world’s last closed societies, North Korea has attracted global curiosity to what it seals off. Despite an ongoing food crisis that has spanned two decades and the cascading paranoia of its political leadership, life manages to go on in the Hermit Kingdom.

Compiled from a handful of sources, we take a look at everyday life in North Korea:

North Korea Photographs Isolation Of North Korea
Pyongyang At Night
North Korea Photographs Malnutrition
North Korea Photographs Electric Fence
55 Rare Photographs Of Life In North Korea
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And if you enjoyed the gallery above of North Korea pictures, we highly recommend you watch this video series by Vice:

Thank you to Tema and News.com.au for some of the images in this gallery.

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