27 Rare Glimpses Of North Korea’s Strange Version Of The Internet

Published March 3, 2016
Updated December 3, 2017

There’s a virtually endless supply of bizarre facts about North Korea: just three percent of the country’s roads are actually paved; it’s illegal for men’s hair to be longer than two inches; and the official biography of former leader Kim Jong-il states that he was able to control the weather with his moods.

Beyond pure trivia, our fascination with North Korea stems from its intractable isolation from the rest of the world. One way to maintain that isolation, it seems North Korea has learned, is by controlling access to the Internet.

By most estimates, less than a tenth of a percent of North Korea’s population is allowed to use the Internet (for comparison’s sake, approximately 80% of the United States population regularly uses the Internet, and the average person spends two hours per day online). But that’s far from the strangest part.

These 27 facts and images reveal just how strange the Internet is inside North Korea:

North Korea Internet
Intranet Diagram
North Korea Internet Computer
Computers Library
27 Rare Glimpses Of North Korea’s Strange Version Of The Internet
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