6 Astonishing Asian Structures That Boggle The Mind

Published May 24, 2014
Updated January 18, 2018

Bank Of China Tower, Hong Kong, China

Asian Structures Bank Of China

Source: Blogspot

Once the tallest building in Hong Kong, the Bank of China Tower is a soaring skyscraper that towers over the Chinese skyline over 1000 feet in the air. The crystalline-like structure was designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei and boasts 72 stories, two masts and glass curtain walls.

Asian Structures Bank Of China Lights

Asian Structures Bank Of China Skyline

Source: Lighted HK

Taking inspiration from the bamboo plant (resembling growing bamboo shoots), the Bank is meant to symbolize livelihood and prosperity; two things that all good banks should aspire toward. Feng Shui masters, however, took issue with the building, saying that it brought bad luck to neighboring buildings.