Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Read Audiobooks To Your Dogs While You’re Away

Published August 9, 2017
Published August 9, 2017

Available titles include "A Dog's Purpose," “Soldier Dogs” and “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”

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“Alexa, play Fluffy ‘A Dog’s Purpose.'”

This is something you will actually be able to tell your smart home device now that the audiobook company Audible has introduced it’s audiobooks for animals series.

Other titles include “Soldier Dogs” and “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”

Having a robot read your pets books, the company claims, makes them “calmer and happier.”

The series — called “Audible for Dogs” — was designed by the “Dog Whisperer” himself, Emmy-nominated animal behavior specialist Cesar Millan.

“Dogs are social animals, so they need to engage with someone, and the purpose of Audible for Dogs is to make dogs feel there is someone with them,” Millan said in a statement. “The person performing the audiobook is actually keeping your dog calm and taking the dog to a resting state, acting as an extension of you.”

The idea was inspired by a study that found dogs left alone with audiobooks were less stressed than dogs left alone with music. (The study did not clarify what kind of music, or the stress levels of dogs left alone in silence… like most dogs.)

After the series was produced, a new study of 100 dogs over four weeks found that 76% of owners who played Audible content for their dogs reported that their pets seemed more relaxed.

The dogs were also found to enjoy narrators who had similar voices to their owners.

So if you really love your pet, you should record yourself reading a book.

“Marley and Me” might be a little too sad. But don’t worry, Fido won’t actually know what’s going on in the plot.

Because he’s a freakin’ dog.

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