Celebrate Back To The Future Day With These Astounding Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Published October 21, 2015
Updated February 4, 2016
Back To The Future Blue Screen

Image Source: Geex Files

Ever since Back to the Future II hit theaters in 1989, we’ve all been able to nurse fantastical ideas of what Earth might look like on October 21, 2015. When Marty McFly rode the DeLorean to that very date, he found a world of hoverboards, flying cars, and self-tying shoes.

But here we are. The future is now, and most of the wild ideas the movie portrayed have not come to pass. So, as long as we’ve gone behind the curtain and seen what October 21, 2015 really looks like, you might as well go behind the camera and discover how the filmmakers created the Back to the Future series’ incredible world of time travel. Ever wonder how they made the DeLorean fly? Or who shot weeks of footage as Marty McFly before Michael J. Fox was brought in as a replacement? Or how those amazing hoverboards floated? See below…

Back To The Future Cars
Early design sketches of the DeLorean. WIRED

Back To The Future Fiberglass Delorean
A special fiberglass DeLorean was suspended from wires in order to film certain scenes in which the car flies through the air.Vanity Fair

Back To The Future Delorean

Back To The Future Train

Back To The Future Car

Back To The Future Costumes
Design sketches of the costumes for scenes set in 2015.io9

Back To The Future Pizza
Design sketches of the pizza hydrator, which the McFlys use to reconstitute their pizza in 2015.WIRED

Back To The Future Sketch
Sketches of Griff for the hoverboard sequence.WIRED

Back To The Future Hoverboards
Design sketches of the hoverboard.WIRED

Back To The Future Filming
Filming a hoverboard sequence using a crane and wires.Vanity Fair

Back To The Future Crane

Back To The Future Marty

Back To The Future Steps

Back To The Future Doc

Back To The Future Eric Stoltz
Eric Stoltz (left) was originally cast as Marty McFly.io9

Stoltz Back To The Future

Back To The Future Stoltz

Back To The Future Marty Guitar
Four weeks into filming, Stoltz was replaced by Michael J. Fox.io9

Back To The Future Spielberg Zemeckis
From left: director Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, executive producer Steven SpielbergLivejournal

Back To The Future Martys
From left: Fox's photo double, Fox's stand-in, Fox himself, Fox's stunt double.Vanity Fair

Back To The Future Sleep
Michael J. Fox napping on set.Outatime

Back To The Future Set

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