33 Bob Marley Facts That May Surprise Even His Biggest Fans

Published November 1, 2017
Updated December 19, 2017

These fascinating Bob Marley facts reveal the man behind the legend and explain why he's beloved to this day.

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33 Bob Marley Facts That May Surprise Even His Biggest Fans
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Bob Marley is one of those incredibly rare musical artists whose songs not only remain popular years, even decades after they were recorded, but have also become ingrained in our very culture.

In Marley's case, his music has stretched across the globe, influencing artists genres ranging from hip-hop to rock, pop, folk, and even country. Even if you've never owned a Bob Marley album, there's a good chance you know the choruses to hits like "Three Little Birds," "One Love," or "No Woman, No Cry."

With classic songs like these, Marley and his band, the Wailers, were largely responsible for bringing reggae music to the world stage. Fans around the world connected both to the Wailers' enticing rhythms and to Marley's lyrics, which often addressed moving political and societal struggles.

It was this kind of empathy and outspokenness that has helped make Marley not just a star, but an icon, long after his passing. It's now been 36 years since Marley passed away from melanoma at the age of 36, but he's left a legacy that will continue to be embraced for generations to come.

The fascinating Bob Marley facts above help reveal why the world will never forget this inspiring man.

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