23 Artists Who Upcycle Old Texts To Create Beautiful Book Art

Published July 7, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014

Depending on whom you ask, repurposing books is either beautiful or blasphemy. The very idea of cutting up pages with an X-acto knife or pulling a leather cover off an old novel to make a purse is enough to make some book lovers wince. But the artists featured below argue that they are not so much destroying as they are giving forgotten volumes a new life.

Many of the pieces here were created from books that nobody had cracked open in years, and like outdated science textbooks would probably have soon found their way into the recycling bin. Of course, this argument doesn’t work as well for the art pieces fashioned out of still-revered vintage novels. Although book upcycling is a controversial art, its physical beauty is undeniable.

Book Art Landscape
Book Art Bearings
Book Art Book Lamp
Book Art Bridge
23 Artists Who Upcycle Old Texts To Create Beautiful Book Art
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Leslie Maryann Neal
Leslie Maryann Neal is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. She received her BA in English from California State University, Long Beach.
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