The 8 Ugliest Animals You’ll Ever Lay Eyes On

Published July 8, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018
Pangolin Desert

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Ugliest Animals: Pangolin

Pangolin Walking

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The pangolin is named after the Malay word, pengguling, which literally translates as “something that rolls up” – an apt title for this prickly creature. The pangolin’s aesthetically challenged “shell” is actually an amalgam of large, hardened, overlapping plate-like scales, which are made of keratin. The scales might not look so appealing, but they allow the pangolin to curl up into a ball when threatened, acting as armor.

Ugliest Animals Pangolin

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Ugliest Animals Pangolin Crawling

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California Condor

Condor Cliff

Source: Deviant Art

If you can spot a condor, you’re among a select few – they are a flighty temptress and a rare sight to behold. But given its unsightly features, it might actually be for the best that glimpses of them are so rare. North America’s largest flying bird, the California condor might look graceful soaring above the clouds, but a close encounter reveals a bald head and neck which flushes different colors as its emotional state shifts.

Ugliest Animals Condor Profile

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Ugliest Animals Condor

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