Meet Braco — The “Healer” Who Makes People Feel Better By Staring At Them

Published April 13, 2018
Updated June 8, 2018

Braco can "heal" you without touching, speaking to, or diagnosing you.


YouTubeBraco’s gaze.

Braco was born as Josip Grbavac in Zagreb Croatia in 1967. He took on the name Braco, which means “little brother,” in the early 1990s when he realized the mystical powers he possessed. That’s when Braco became a healer. But his healing doesn’t involve speaking to people, or specifically diagnosing them, or even touching them. Instead, he stands on a platform and gazes at them.

Before his healing days, Braco received a Ph.D. in economics, married a woman named Dinka, and had one son. He was 26 years old when he met a healer from Serbia who became his mentor and helped him unlock his own healing abilities.

Given the nickname “the gazer,” Braco began conducting one-on-one healing sessions before he starting doing group “gazing” sessions. His following grew, as thousands of people believed he had helped them recover in either physical or mental ways.

As one woman said in a testimonial video, “Whatever is flowing through him is able to connect with a part of us.”

Braco began touring internationally, offering “8-minute soul-sweeps” for $8 to massive crowds. Believers showed up to his events, some with photos of family and friends that they’d hold up while he gazed into the crowd. During these events, he just looks silently into the audience for about ten minutes. Then, he leaves. Participants have described the feeling they get during this time as a tingling sensation.

Afterward, there is a “reflection and mediation” period. This is when people report experiences of life-changing feelings and positive healing.

These positive healings have “fixed” everything from tumors to breathing issues. One woman claimed her brother recovered from a bone transplant, while another one said her adopted daughter reached out to her birth mother. Hell, some say that his gaze even helped them get rich.

In 2002, Braco decided not to explain to others why he does what he does and how. So he stopped speaking in public and hasn’t ever since. But to some believers, his silence only affirms the transformative healing he is capable of.

“I feel he’s so authentic because he doesn’t talk,” said Christina Culver, who attended one of his 2012 gazing sessions in Arlington, Va.

Some of his followers don’t even think his physical presence is needed. They claim that just looking at a picture or video of him gazing has healing properties.

However, Braco has provided many disclaimers on his personal website, on which he makes “no claims of being a healer and does not promise a cure to anyone.” It also states that all are welcome to his events, which are unaffiliated with any specific religions or philosophies.

Braco does, however, provide strict guidelines for attendance. These include the parameters that only adults over the age of 18 may gaze with him. Additionally, pregnant women past their third month shouldn’t gaze with him.

Many have criticized Braco as a fraud, a phony, or just plain ridiculous. Critics say that reports of healing are solely anecdotal and that there is no science to back them up.

“Braco doesn’t call himself a healer because he doesn’t make any claims directly; his claims are made by his staff and devotees,” wrote Karen Stollznow, an associate researcher at the University of California, Berkeley and a skeptical investigator with a doctorate in linguistics.

Yet, the skeptics haven’t stopped Braco from practicing his gaze, or his fans from showing up to his events. In 2011, he received a renewal for his O-1, a visa that permits individuals who possess extraordinary ability in their field to work in the U.S for three-years. Attached to his visa application was a letter from Dennis Kucinich, a U.S. representative from Ohio who was a one-time presidential candidate.

Braco has a personal center in Croatia where he holds gazing sessions when he’s not on tour. People can visit him there for free.

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Kara Goldfarb
Kara Goldfarb is a writer living in New York City.
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