27 Of The Weirdest Laws In The World

Published April 13, 2018

This collection of the weirdest laws in the world will leave you questioning your government's priorities. If you've ever thought about killing Bigfoot in Washington or wearing lacy underwear in Russia, think again.

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27 Of The Weirdest Laws In The World
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No civilized society can function without laws. These regulations protect us from each other, guide our behavior, maintain order, and resolve disputes.

Laws have basically been functioning in these same ways since the dawn of civilization. Between 2100 and 2050 B.C., the ancient Sumerians created the Code of Ur-Nammu, history's oldest surviving set of laws. The code includes regulations like, if a man commits a homicide, that man shall be killed, among many others.

Human laws have obviously evolved immeasurably since then, although many of the core tenets and taboos remain the same.

Today, every country (and of course the smaller administrative areas within those countries) has a different set of rules and laws, best suited to their culture, history, and needs. What may seem normal and socially acceptable in one country may very well land you in prison in another.

Despite many international differences that are totally reasonable, some of the weirdest laws in the world simply defy all logic and explanation.

For example, don't get drunk in a bar in Alaska if you don’t want to spend a night in prison. Heading to Paris? Don't try to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Discover more of the weirdest laws in the world in the gallery above.

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