Back To School: 50+ Vintage School Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities

Published September 1, 2015
Updated April 13, 2018

School is back in session, so we've rounded up these hilarious celebrity yearbook photos well before their red carpet days.

The end of summer has arrived, and kids are packing up their Ninja Turtle lunch boxes (do they still have those?) and L.L. Bean embroidered backpacks and heading back to school. To celebrate the season, we’re throwing it back—waaaay back—with these celebrity school photos.

Everyone from the stars of The X-Files to late night comedians and popstars appears in the gallery below — you’ll probably recognize a few of them, but for others, you’ll have to squint to figure out who they are:

Tina Fey Celebrity Yearbook Photos
Young Steve Carrell
Conan Obrien As A Kid
Vintage Celebrity Yearbook Photos
Back To School: 50+ Vintage School Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities
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Abby Norman
Abby Norman is a writer based in New England, currently writing a memoir for Nation Books. Her work has been featured on The Rumpus, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Medium, Seventeen, Romper, Bustle, and Quartz.
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