Mexican Police Arrest ‘Chucky’ Doll For Threatening The Public

Published September 25, 2023

The Chucky doll and its owner were arrested by police in Monclova, Mexico, for threatening people with a knife.

Chucky Doll Mugshot

Noticias NRT Mexico/HandoutPolice taking the doll’s mugshot after it was arrested alongside its owner.

Police in Mexico responded to a scene from a horror movie earlier this month, when they were notified of a Chucky doll — and its owner — threatening people with a knife in the city of Monclova.

The doll’s owner, identified only as “Carlos N”, was reportedly using the doll to scare people in the city’s public square while under the influence of “an illicit substance.” Local media reports that Carlos N. set up the doll with a large knife, which he used to threaten people and demand money.

“He put the doll in their faces and was scaring people, it is an offense, for this reason he was arrested,” the former director of the Monclova Police, Juan Raúl Alcocer, explained to Fuerza Informativa Azteca.

Carlos N. and the Chucky doll were charged with disturbing the peace and putting others’ integrity at risk, and, according to Reuters, arrested, handcuffed, and taken to the Monclova police station for processing.

Chucky Handcuffed

Noticias NRT Mexico/HandoutBoth Carlos N. and Chucky were arrested, handcuffed, and brought to the Monclova police station for threatening people with a knife.

There, both Carlos N. and the doll — which still had a knife sticking out of its overalls – were photographed for mugshots at the station. Though Carlos N. likely was able to stand on his own accord, police officers had to hold up the Chucky doll by its bright orange hair in order to snap the photo.

Images of the doll being handcuffed and posed for a mugshot quickly went viral on social media. With the virality came condemnation for the Monclova police officers for not taking their job seriously.

“Some journalists were jokingly telling [them] to pose with the doll, to put handcuffs on it,” Alcocer said. He added: “[They] must take [their] job and the regulations seriously [and] not play those games.”

Police Officer Posing With Chucky Doll

César Cespada/XLocal police were criticized for handcuffing the doll and posing it for mugshots, as some said they should take their job more seriously.

Indeed, the officer who put handcuffs on the Chucky doll was later reprimanded.

The iconically terrifying doll first made its appearance in the 1988 film Child’s Play. In the film, a serial killer uses a voodoo ritual to implant his soul into a doll as he dies from a gunshot wound. The doll then finds its way into an innocent family’s home, where it begins its reign of terror.

Since then, the Chucky doll has appeared in seven more films and even made a foray into television. And, apparently, it was also used by Carlos N. as an accomplice to try and rob terrified pedestrians in Monclova.

But that chapter of Chucky’s story has one final twist. According to Mexico News Daily, Carlos N. was released shortly after his arrest. But it’s unknown if the Chucky doll remained in police custody. Reuters reports that “the Chucky doll’s whereabouts are still unknown.”

“The [suspect] came with his doll…well, the doll [was] taken away along with his belongings once he reache[d] the cells and he [was] locked up,” Alcocer told Fuerza Informativa Azteca.

Did the doll remain in police custody? Is it now collecting dust in some obscure processing room deep in the Monclova station? For now, the answer seems unclear. But those wandering around the city’s public square should perhaps keep their eyes peeled for a doll with a shock of orange hair.

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