The House That Inspired ‘The Conjuring’ Has Two Fearless New Owners. They Say It’s Still Haunted.

Published October 3, 2021
Updated October 19, 2022

The Conjuring house is a real-life 18th-century farmhouse of horrors in Harrisville, Rhode Island where seven children have died over the years.

It may seem like any other peaceful, historic farmhouse in the quaint Rhode Island suburbs. But this is actually the notorious house of horrors from The Conjuring franchise — and it has a new set of owners who insist that this home is far from peaceful.

Cory and Jennifer Heinzen bought the farmhouse formerly known as the Old Arnold estate in June of 2019 and have already documented several instances of paranormal activity.

Luckily, the couple is well-equipped to handle such happenings as they are paranormal investigators. Cory Heinzen told the Sun Journal that they witnessed “doors opening, footsteps and knocks.”

Owners Of The Conjuring House

FacebookThe Conjuring house is now owned by Cory and Jennifer Heinzen of Mexico.

He added that he had “a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, (but) it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on…”

The Conjuring house’s storied past spans eight generations during which residents allegedly died by drowning, murder, and hanging.

The Reports That Made The Conjuring House Famous

Exterior Of The Conjuring House

YouTubeThe house when the now-infamous Perron family lived there.

The horror franchise surrounding The Conjuring house is based around the accounts of the Perron family. Carolyn and Roger Perron together with their five daughters moved into the house during the 1970s and almost immediately reported small yet inexplicable events within the home.

It wasn’t long before those events escalated.

Carolyn Perron claimed to have noticed how the broom would move from place to place or disappear altogether. Then she’d notice small piles of dirt in the center of a freshly-swept kitchen floor. The children also said that they witnessed spirits — at first, most of them harmless.

The Perron Family

YouTubeThe Perron family (minus Roger) outside the haunted home.

Then the family said they began to experience horrendous smells. Smells that stank of rotting flesh. They said their beds shook at 5:15 each morning. Roger Perron would enter the basement and feel a “cold, stinking presence behind him.”

The family typically stayed away from the dirt-floored cellar, but the heating equipment would often fail mysteriously causing Roger Perron to venture down.

Bathsheba, The Main Spirit In The Conjuring House

The main spirit shown in The Conjuring, Bathsheba, was allegedly every bit as angry in real life as she was in the movie — according to the Perrons.

The Perron Family House

Altered DimensionsKitchen of the Perron home.

“Whoever the spirit was, she perceived herself to be mistress of the house and she resented the competition my mother posed for that position,” said Andrea Perron, the oldest daughter.

Objects were inexplicably launched across rooms and smashed into walls. Doors slammed. Glass shattered. One night, as Carolyn Perron was sitting in the living room, she felt a piercing pain in her leg. Looking down, she said she saw blood trickling from a small, open wound — like from a large needle.

The Perron Family Haunting

Altered DimensionsBasement of the Perron home.

It turns out a woman named Bathsheba Sherman had actually lived on the Perron’s property in the mid-1800s. Rumor had it she practiced witchcraft and there was some evidence of her involvement in a local infant’s death. Many believed that Bathsheba killed the child in a Satanic ritual with a large sewing needle to the brain, but she was never convicted of the crime.

Bathsheba is consequently buried not far from the Perron house.

Bathsheba Sherman's Grave

YouTubeHeadstone of Bathsheba Sherman.

Enter Ed And Lorraine Warren

The Perron’s called on paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the farmhouse and to hopefully eradicate the evil spirits within.

The couple, probably the most well-known paranormal detectives in history, reported that they have investigated over 10,000 cases. Lorraine Warren, who claimed to be a clairvoyant, held a seance at the Perron’s farmhouse. The goal was to make contact with the ghosts tormenting the family.

Well, goal achieved, so to speak.

In the middle of the seance, Carolyn Perron seemed to become possessed; speaking in tongues and rising chair and all into the air. Oldest daughter Andrea Perron watched in secret, and would later describe the incident. “I thought I was going to pass out,” she said. “My mother began to speak a language not of this world in a voice not her own. Her chair levitated and she was thrown across the room.”

Afterward, Carolyn Perron seemed to return to normal, and Roger Perron told the Warrens to leave. According to Andrea, the family actually stayed in the house until 1980 when they could finally afford a new home. When they left, they said the spirits stopped contacting them. The family was finally at peace.

Ed And Lorraine Warren

Getty ImagesEd and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators.

To those who don’t believe their story, Andrea Perron said, “People are free to believe whatever they want to believe. But I know what we experienced.”

She added that The Conjuring house is “magical…It’s a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse. It’s multiple dimensions, interacting simultaneously.”

The Conjuring Franchise

Warner Brothers released the movie inspired by the Warrens, the Perrons, and the house itself in the summer of 2013. Audiences flocked to theaters under the premise of seeing a film “based on true events” — and it delivered. The Conjuring received accolades from audiences and critics alike.

Director James Wan (Saw, Insidious) was eager to work on the film.

“When Insidious came out and was successful, the story about the Warrens came to me and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is really cool.'[…] One thing I had never explored was the chance to tell a story that’s based on real-life characters, real-life people. So those were the things that led me to The Conjuring.” Wan explained.

The house in The Conjuring is allegedly so scary in real life that not even the movie’s director wanted to visit it.

While the director was excited to be a part of making the film, he did not want to visit the actual Conjuring house when the producer offered to arrange it.

“Just because I make movies in the scary world doesn’t mean I want to visit scary worlds…I believe in these movies, I believe in ghosts, and the supernatural, and the spiritual world. But I don’t want to go there.”

The Next Chapter For The Conjuring House

As for those who do want to go there, it’s not always for the reasons you’d expect, as is the case with the Heinzens.

“We immediately fell in love with it,” Cory Heinzen remarked. “Eight-and-a-half acres, a river in the back and a pond, it’s so serene down there, never mind the story behind the house, it’s a beautiful home.”

The Conjuring House

WJARThe farmhouse today, better known as the Conjuring House.

It’s even harder to understand how they can disregard the home’s past when they’ve reportedly experienced such strange incidents for themselves.

“Footsteps, knocks, we’ve had lights flashing in rooms … And when I say lights flashing in rooms, it’s rooms that don’t have light in there to begin with.” Heinzen told the New York Post.

“We’ve had a few moments in here that have made us jump a bit,” he adds. “We’ve had doors open on their own, footsteps, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena, and some awesome spirit-box sessions.”

However, the Heinzen’s have big plans for The Conjuring house. They want to repair and preserve it, perhaps shoot a documentary, and open the home up for paranormal tours.

The Conjuring House Owners

FacebookThe Heinzens “imediately fell in love” with the house.

All this sounds like a perfect plot for a future sequel, and they have Andrea Perron’s blessing. “They’re mature, responsible adults and they’re not going to turn it into a circus,” Perron told a local news outlet. “They’re going to treat it with the respect that it deserves.”

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