Coral Castle: Everlasting Love And Mystery In Southern Florida

Published August 26, 2015
Updated May 23, 2019
Published August 26, 2015
Updated May 23, 2019

But magic wasn’t the only theory surrounding Leedskalnin’s ability to manipulate such massive, heavy stones. Having come from a family of Latvian stonemasons, Leedskalnin was a committed freemason, and he incorporated many masonic symbols throughout the Coral Castle. Many believe that occult masonic practices offer the only explanation for how the Coral Castle’s creation. Nosy neighbors have said that they heard him repeating incantations over the stones.

Commonly called coral, the rock Leedskalnin used to create his coral devotional is actually Oolitic limestone, which is found throughout southeastern Florida. Back when Leedskalnin was alive, he charged either 10 or 25 cents for visitors to tour the park.

Though the rates have gone up following his passing, you can still visit the Coral Castle today. While located in the remote region of Homestead, Florida, it’s truly worth the trip out. You’ll see a Polaris telescope, rocking chairs, a two-story castle tower (Leedskalnin’s living quarters), an accurate sundial, an obelisk, a well and fountain, and various furniture pieces – all made from stone.

You’ll also find a nine-ton gate that moves with a simple touch. When the massive gate broke a few years back, it took six men and a crane to fix it. Now imagine Leedskalnin’s small, 100-pound frame building the nine-ton gate in the first place. Mind. Blown. In fact, even Category 5 Hurricane Andrew couldn’t move the various coral pieces. Talk about everlasting love.

Coral Castle Revolving Gate

Source: Wikimedia

Coral Castle Mystery

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