Trump’s Deplorables Think Hurricane Matthew Is A Liberal Conspiracy

Published October 7, 2016
Published October 7, 2016

Matt Drudge has taken to Twitter, alleging that liberals have exaggerated Hurricane Matthew to push their climate change agenda.

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JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty ImagesHurricane Matthew strikes Atlantic Beach, Florida on October 7.

Former telemarketer Matt Drudge, owner of the massively popular (at least among Donald Trump’s “deplorables”) online aggregator, The Drudge Report, has been alleging on Twitter that Hurricane Matthew is a liberal conspiracy designed to trick voters into imagining a link between climate change and hurricanes.

Because Drudge routinely deletes tweets, many of the messages in question exist now only as screenshots:

Matt Drudge Hurricane Matthew


For example, Drudge deleted an earlier tweet that read, “Direct eyewall hit for Freeport in next hour. Will ground observations match the Hurricane’s claimed 140 mph sustained winds?” Drudge then replaced this with a link to an article theorizing that Hillary Clinton was using recent hurricanes as a climate change-related talking point.

Drudge’s tweets have since faced criticism in that they might convince certain conservatives to ignore the official warnings to flee zones marked for evacuation.

In fact, even Fox News anchor Shep Smith, who started his career in Florida, had a strong message for those deciding to try staying behind and weathering the storm. Without mincing any words, Shep told them they would be responsible for their children’s death, before calling them moronic:

Indeed, the danger of a category four hurricane such as Matthew cannot be understated. In the words of Florida Governor Rick Scott, a storm like Hurricane Matthew “can kill you.” And in anticipation of the damage, President Obama declared a State of Emergency in Florida this past Thursday.

It’s also worth noting that Drudge’s father, who operates the website, doesn’t seem to agree with his son’s theory, and has posted links from the Hurricane Center at the top of his site’s frontpage as “Featured Resources.”

And to see for yourself just how devastating Hurricane Matthew truly is, have a look at this storm visualization tool and watch the video, taken from the International Space Station, below:

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