Man Violently Falls To Death After Groping Children [VIDEO]

Published November 10, 2017
Updated January 24, 2022

After the police were called, Edgar Collaguazo attempted to jump down to the ground from his fourth-floor apartment.

In a bizarre and horrifying turn of events, a man accused of trying to grope a child fell from a fourth-story window to his death while trying to evade police.

The New York Daily News reported that Edgar Collaguazo, 44, fell from the fourth floor of a Queens, New York apartment at 1:05 AM on Thursday after trying to escape from a locked room as the police were coming.

The night began joyously for the residents of a Jackson Heights apartment owned by Collaguazo. A family who rented a room from him was celebrating the birthday of their six-year-old son, when Collaguazo arrived back at the apartment the evening of Wednesday, November 9.

At one point in the night, Collaguazo invited at least three kids, including the birthday boy, his five-year-old female cousin, and another boy, into his room to watch a movie. The parents were initially unalarmed by this action, but when the little girl emerged from the room acting strangely, they began to worry.

“The little girl was happy and well, and then suddenly, she came out, but…she looked different,” the birthday boy’s mother said.

The boy’s father then checked in clandestinely but didn’t witness anything out of the ordinary. However, when the mother of the girl went to peek in, she saw Collaguazo holding the six-year-old boy on his lap, with his hand on the boy’s privates.

She went directly to the boy’s mother.

“She came to me frightened and crying,” the boy’s mom said. “We never thought the man had a mind this dirty.”

The room erupted into chaos as the fathers of the children began beating Edgar Collaguazo.

“I told them, ‘Stop beating him, already! I have called the police,'” the victim’s mother remembered.

The family then locked Collaguazo in his room until the police could arrive. It was then that Collaguazo decided to make a break for it. He attempted to jump down to the ground from his fourth-floor apartment.

As seen on surveillance video obtained from the location, he did not make it to the ground alive.

Jose Valentine, who was staying at a friend’s apartment across from Collaguazo’s remembers the events of that night.

“The guy had one foot on the ledge trying to climb over the bars,” he recalled. “He let himself go head first and landed with a thud and splatter. It sounded like a pumpkin fell off the roof.”

In the video, it can be seen that Edgar Collaguazo landed belly-first into an iron fence. Police rushed him to Elmhurst Hospital, where doctors were unable to save him.

“If he didn’t have a filthy mind, he’d simply stay and face the situation,” the mother of the molested boy said.

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