33 Facts About Canada That Reveal The Country Of Human Toe Cocktails And Bathtub Races

Published May 9, 2019
Updated November 7, 2023

These fun facts about Canada present a country much more eclectic — and weirder — than you may have ever thought.

Canadian Oil Refinery
Canada's UFO Landing Site
The Haskell Library From Outside
Canadian Border Patrol Building
33 Facts About Canada That Reveal The Country Of Human Toe Cocktails And Bathtub Races
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Canada's natural beauty – from its vast landscapes and secluded lakes to snow-capped peaks and almost endless coastlines – is well known across the globe, but there's a whole slew of facts about Canada that extend beyond its scenic vistas.

For example, did you know that Canada has a literacy rate of around 99 percent? Or that the Canadian city of Alberta is home to the world's first official U.F.O. landing pad and welcome site?

Beyond the more well-known facts about Canada are a host of other peculiar tidbits and quirky factoids. You may be aware that Canada's economy is among the top 20 strongest in the world, but did you know that the country once minted a run of collectible quarters with glow-in-the-dark animals on them?


While Canada and its eclectic inhabitants are often the butt of American jokes – South Park encouraged us to "blame Canada" while Weird Al Yankovic suggested that Canadians "all live off donuts and moose meat" – the stereotyped humor bypasses much of the real interesting facts about Canada like the country's cultural diversity and appeal.

Under current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada's cabinet is one of the most diverse ever seen. It boasts an equal number of men and women and many of both sexes are also minorities. With cosmopolitan cities that range from multicultural Ottawa to the sparsely populated territories in the north, tourists can indulge in some wonderfully odd and varied cultural experiences.

Mummified Toe In Whiskey Glass

FacebookIt's called the "sour toe cocktail" — for obvious reasons.

Visitors can chug a cocktail in the Yukon garnished with a preserved human toe or visit the only place in the world with two exclamation marks in its name. Another fun fact about Canada we bet you didn't know is that there is actually a city in the country where polar bears have to occasionally be rounded up and locked in a "holding cell" to avoid conflict with the local inhabitants.

Best of all, you can plan your next trip to the north armed with these facts about Canada.

Canada's breathtaking landscapes and cosmopolitan cities stretch across six timezones and almost 10 million square kilometers, so a single list of fun facts about Canada hardly does the country much justice. But we've compiled 33 pretty interesting ones in the list above to get you started.

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