Failed Products: Adult Baby Food, Purple Ketchup, And Other Fabulous Flops

Published November 12, 2015
Updated November 9, 2015

Failed Products: Heinz EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup

Purple Ketchup French Fries

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In 2000, Heinz decided that the red color of ketchup was too boring and introduced colored ketchup in the EZ Squirt bottle. The ketchup came in Blastin’ Green, Funky Purple, Stellar Blue, Passion Pink, and Mystery Color.

Heinz first came out with green ketchup. Kids were excited by it and Heinz had initial success. But in the end, children aren’t the ones buying products. So while parents were willing to buy EZ Squirt once or twice as a fun treat, Funky Purple ketchup was not going to be the household staple. It lasted just about six years, until the fad faded and parents breathed a sign of relief–because a cheeseburger slathered in alien green is pretty gross.

Gerber Singles

Failed Products Gerber Singles

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For mysterious reasons known only to Gerber, the longstanding baby food company decided to set out in the hopes of conquering the world of helpless college students and depressed single adults with Gerber Singles. Individual servings of exciting meals like Beef Burgundy, Creamed Beef, Beef with Mushroom Cream, Chicken Madeira, Mediterranean Vegetables, and Blueberry Delight were sold in small glass jars. So, it was baby food, but mature baby food intended for the finely tuned adult palette. It was a massive flop.

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