Six Rich, Famous People Who Probably Got Away With Rape And Murder

Published February 9, 2016
Updated June 26, 2018

All of these men were accused of heinous crimes, but all — thanks in part to their wealth, fame, and power — got away with it.

Famous Celebrity Acquittals

There is, of course, no shortage of crime and calamity among the rich, famous, and powerful. In fact, there’s probably more than the average — celebrities as varied as Caitlyn Jenner, Laura Bush and Matthew Broderick have been involved with someone else’s death due to tragic accidents, and stars from Robert Downey Jr. to Paris Hilton to Martha Stewart have served time for nonviolent crimes.

But then there’s another group of rich, famous, and powerful people who have been accused of committing violent, horrible crimes that, if true, were certainly not accidental. Worse still are the cases when these people skated free, largely because of their wealth, fame, and power.

From the man who admitted to raping his toddler daughter and served no time, to the man who allegedly paid hundreds of millions to keep his pedophilia under wraps, here are some of the most maddening famous acquittals among the rich and powerful accused of committing truly terrible crimes:

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