Florida Shark Cannibalizes Another Florida Shark In Wild Video

Published June 26, 2018
Updated July 26, 2019

While sharks eating humans is a common ocean fear, shark-on-shark attacks aren't talked about quite as much.

A fishing excursion started off leisurely enough for a group boating off the coast of Miami. But the trip became anything but as the witnessed and recorded a bull shark violently biting off the tail of another.

The group was fishing for tarpon – a large silvery fish that’s popular among Atlantic fishers. One angler, however, caught a bull shark and was in the process of reeling it in. But another bull shark had other ideas.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” a woman on the boat can be heard exclaiming in the background, as the bigger shark took a massive bite of the other shark’s tail, ripping it clear off and scarfing it down.

A man on the boat could be heard saying “Holy shit!” but also to “Pardon my language,” as the “man-eating” shark cannibalized the other.

In a display almost as stunning as the attack, the injured bull shark continued to thrash around in the water after it was bitten, while blood pooled around the surface.

Likely attracted by the blood, at least one other shark was drawn to the area shortly after.

Bull sharks are not a regularly targeted species and account for only a small portion of the commercial shark industry.

The person who captured the footage said that before the attack happened they were going to reel in the shark and take photos before setting it loose.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like that,” one man on the boat said once the commotion died down. “That was beastly, I mean that was just beastly.”

Several species of sharks are susceptible to cannibalism, with many smaller sharks targeted by larger members of the species.

It’s not clear from the video what happened to the maimed shark or whether the group continued to reel it in.

At one point in the video, one of the fishers aboard asks, “Did you get that on video?”

Lucky for those who enjoy watching sharks eat each other, they sure did.

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Kara Goldfarb
Kara Goldfarb is a writer living in New York City.