What Your Favorite Foods Look Like Before Harvest And Processing

Published February 20, 2017
Updated July 10, 2018

From bananas to coffee to chocolate, you'd never guess what some of your favorite foods look like while still plants.

Banana Flower
Cashew Yellow
Black Pepper
Coffee Flowers
What Your Favorite Foods Look Like Before Harvest And Processing
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Every morning, you drink a cup of coffee and likely think nothing of the 70 or so beans that went into that one cup or the hours that those beans spent drying, fermenting, and roasting. Surely, you likewise don't think the fact that, before any of that processing, your cup of coffee started out as bright red berries on a medium-sized flowering plant.

Whether coffee, chocolate, bananas, or any of our other favorites, seldom do any of us think about where our food and drinks originally come from, or even what they looks like in their original state.

Did you know, for example, that cashews sit inside a seed pod at the base of a large yellow fruit? Did you know that black pepper starts out as vibrant orange and green berries? See these foods and more before harvest in the eye-opening gallery above.

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