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Published December 21, 2019
Updated April 14, 2020

Russia Held First-Ever Competitive Slapping Contest And A Giant Named “Dumpling” Dominated

Some of the eccentric characters competing in Russia’s slapping competition.

In March, Russia held its first-ever competitive slapping contest.

Participants competed to see who could deliver the hardest slap and who could take being slapped the longest. Whoever was left standing won.

Slapping between competitors often ended when one of the slappers refused or were unable to continue. The referee also used their discretion to determine whether it was medically safe for a slapper to continue their fight.

The incredible scenes from the new competition were captured on video and, soon enough, spread across the internet. Many featured the contest’s first-ever champion, a 370-pound slapping machine named Vasiliy Kamotskiy.

According to a reporter who retweeted a clip from the competition shared by Russian broadcaster NTV, the force of Kamotskiy’s superior slaps earned him the nickname “Pelmen” or “Dumpling.”

Based on footage of Kamotskiy’s duels, the Russian Dumpling had to out-slap at least four other men to make it to the final round. For his efforts, he was awarded the grand prize of 30,000 Russian Ruble (or the equivalent of $470 U.S. dollars) and, of course, lifelong bragging rights.

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