Read It And Weep: 2019’s Funniest News Stories That Put Us In Tears

Published December 21, 2019
Updated April 14, 2020

Home Invader Got Beaten Up By 82-Year-Old Bodybuilding Grandma In What May Be The Year’s Funniest News Story

A drunk man’s attempt to burglarize 82-year-old Willie Murphy’s home quickly backfired when he discovered she was a bodybuilder.

Age is nothing but a number. Just ask 82-year-old bodybuilding champ Willie Murphy, who beat up a home intruder that had broken into her house.

The would-be assailant had shown up on her doorstep unannounced, claiming to require medical assistance. He asked her through the door to call for an ambulance. Murphy, who lives alone in her home, complied with the stranger’s request but left him outside.

Suddenly, the man knocked through the door and came tumbling into Murphy’s house. That’s when the award-winning bodybuilder instinctively grabbed one of the tables in her home and swung it furiously at the man.

Murphy hit the man so hard that the table broke into pieces, but she continued to wail on him using one of the table’s legs. She then doused his entire face with baby shampoo.

Once the man was subdued on the ground, Murphy tried to move him out of her house but he was too heavy for her, even though she routinely deadlifts 225 pounds at the gym.

Luckily for the intruder, the police arrived at the scene not long after and it became clear that the intruder needed help, not the old woman.

“It was kind of semi-dark, I’m alone, and I’m old, but guess what — I’m tough,” Murphy said as she flexed her buff right arm. The man was taken to the hospital where it was confirmed that he was drunk before he broke into Murphy’s house. Maybe next time he’ll think before trying to bother another old lady.

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