George Zimmerman Auctioning The Gun He Used To Kill Trayvon Martin

Published May 12, 2016
Published May 12, 2016
George Zimmerman Gun Auction

George Zimmerman standing trial for the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin, June 19, 2013. Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images

George Zimmerman is now auctioning off the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman, then a neighborhood watch coordinator at The Retreat at Twin Lakes community in Sanford, Florida, ignited an uproar when he shot and killed Martin, an unarmed, 17-year-old African-American — in self-defense, Zimmerman claimed — on February 26, 2012.

Zimmerman was quickly accused of racial profiling by the media and charged with murder by Florida special prosecutors. However, on July 13, 2013, after a trial of just over a month, Zimmerman was acquitted, igniting more protests and making his case a flash point for racially motivated violence in America.

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman has had several run-ins with law enforcement and come under fire for a smattering of issues. But his latest act — auctioning off the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin — may very well be remembered as the most egregious.

“What I’ve decided to do is not cower,” Zimmerman told Orlando’s WOFL, when he announced the auction yesterday. “I’m a free American. I can do what I want with my possessions.”

Judging by the description Zimmerman wrote of the gun on the auction listing, it appears as if he’s not merely doing what he wants with his possessions, but instead, very much trying to make a statement.

“I am proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds will be used to: fight BLM violence against Law Enforcement officers, ensure the demise of Angela Correy’s persecution career and Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric. Now is your opportunity to own a piece of American History. Good Luck. Your friend, George M. Zimmerman ~Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum~”

That last phrase, written in Latin, translates to, “If you want peace, prepare for war” — in context, an extraordinarily chilling message.

We’ll now see what kind of response such a message gets, with the auction — with a starting price of $5,000 — now underway.

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John Kuroski
John Kuroski is the Managing Editor of All That Is Interesting.