Lawsuit Says Google Discriminated Against Conservative White Men

Published January 9, 2018
Published January 9, 2018

The men who filed the suit claim that Google discriminated against them for "perceived conservative political views, male gender, and Caucasian race".

Google Headquarters

BBC NewsGoogle’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Google is just the latest company to find itself being sued for discrimination – however, this time from an unlikely accuser.

Two former employees have filed a class action lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of discriminating against conservative white men.

The pair, former engineers James Damore and David Gudeman, claim that they were discriminated against and “openly threatened” for their “perceived conservative political views, male gender, and Caucasian race.”

The lawsuit claims that Google uses illegal hiring quotas to fill posts with women and minorities, intentionally shutting out men. They say that men are “openly threatened” and subjected to “harassment and retaliation” at Google. The two men even go so far as to refer to the company as an “ideological echo chamber.”

The suit also claims that the company does not protect employees with conservative views, such as those who support President Donald Trump.

As far as professional matters go, the suit claims that Google “openly shames” managers who fail to meet set goals and that they are even booed during meetings.

Damore was fired last year after sending out a controversial memo, in which he argued that the reason women fill less top jobs at the firm than men is due to biological differences between men and women. He claimed that the memo was written as a response to a request for feedback about diversity within the company and that it was never supposed to be publicized.

“[The] abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership,” he said in the memo.

His claim that he was fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes” is, in part, what fueled his and Gudeman’s lawsuit.

The irony seems lost on him.

In addition to Damore and Gudeman’s lawsuit, Google is also currently under investigation by the US Department of Labor over equal pay laws, after three female former employees alleged that the company paid women less than men for comparable work.

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