Inside The 5 Secret Societies That Some Say Run The World

Published December 19, 2017
Updated March 26, 2020

For years, "secret societies" have caused controversy, conspiracy, and intrigue amongst those who stand on the outside looking in.

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Inside The 5 Secret Societies That Some Say Run The World
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With as much hype as secret societies have surrounding them, it's shocking that any one of them has managed to maintain their secrecy for as long as they have.

The concept of a group of people, meeting in secret to discuss anything -- no matter what it is, from elections to corporate values, to social engagements -- has long fascinated the American public on an individual level as well as a larger scale.

Perhaps that's part of the allure around them, the exclusivity. It's also what inspires the conspiracy theories.

Almost every society, whether or not their practices and rituals are actually that secret, has at some point or another found themselves at the center of a conspiracy theory.

The Knights Templar, founded as a Christian military organization, has long since been the topic of conversation amongst religious conspiracy nuts, as well as the subject of several books. Of course, being long since dissolved (that we know of), there's no way to confirm or deny any of the rumors.

But, organizations like the Bilderberg Group or the Bohemian Club, which are still very much alive and thriving, are also constantly at the center of controversy, as many of their members are elite politicians or executives. And, despite the controversy surrounding them, the groups haven't done much to deter any possible theories from coming to light.

It seems that in order to truly find anything out about the groups, one has to become a member -- though, of course, with most of them, that's easier said than done.

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Katie Serena
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