19 Fascinating Harry Houdini Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

Published March 24, 2016
Updated October 29, 2019

These Harry Houdini facts reveal that this master illusionist's life was even more exciting and mysterious than you imagined.

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19 Fascinating Harry Houdini Facts You’ve Never Heard Before
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Nearly a century after his death, the name Harry Houdini still conjures images of mystery and intrigue. Tens of thousands would gather to watch the grand illusionist escape from straitjackets while suspended from cranes, escape from sealed cans filled with water, and escape from the earth itself after being buried alive. But while many knew his work, did any of us know the man?

The astounding Harry Houdini facts and photos above prove that his life was even more mysterious and intriguing than you ever imagined.

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