Investigators Identify Remains Of Victims Buried By Serial Killer Herb Baumeister At Indiana’s Fox Hollow Farm

Published June 4, 2024

Authorities are still uncovering the horrors of the crimes committed by Herb Baumeister, the Indiana serial killer who murdered at least a dozen men and buried some of their remains at Fox Hollow Farm.

Fox Hollow Farm

Travel ChannelFox Hollow Farm in Westfield, Indiana, the former home of serial killer Herb Baumeister and the place where he buried some of the victims.

Several decades after his grisly crimes unfolded, Indiana’s Hamilton County Coroner’s Office is investigating the human remains discovered at serial killer Herb Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield.

Herb Baumeister was a successful businessman and married father of three while he was living a secret life as a serial killer, murdering at least 12 men between 1980 and 1996. His modus operandi included luring young men from gay bars back to Fox Hollow Farm, where he would strangle them and bury their remains on his property.

Since 1996, authorities have searched the property and unearthed more than 10,000 human remains. In 2023 and 2024, investigators discovered the identity of three more victims of Herb Baumeister that were buried at Fox Hollow Farm.

Police Identify Remains Of Herb Baumeister’s Victims At Fox Hollow Farm

Herb Baumeister Victim Jeffrey Jones

Hamilton County Coroner’s OfficeJeffrey Jones, the latest identified victim of Herb Baumeister.

Since 1996, investigators have recovered more than 10,000 pieces of human remains at Herb Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield, Indiana.

In May 2024, the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office announced the identification of one of Herb Baumeister’s victims, Jeffrey Jones, who went missing in August 1993. Police unearthed his remains in 1996, but their fragmented state made it difficult for authorities to identify them.

“Because many of the remains were found burnt and crushed, this investigation is extremely challenging; however, the team of law enforcement and forensic specialists working the case remain committed,” said coroner Jeff Jellison in his office’s press release.

Alongside Jones, investigators have recently identified two other victims of Herb Baumeister who had been buried at Fox Hollow Farm: Allen Livingston, a 27-year-old who went missing in August 1993, and Manuel Resendez who vanished in 1996 at age 34.

Investigators have also uncovered at least four other DNA profiles that have not yet been identified. This brings Herb Baumeister’s total victim count to at least 12.

Fox Hollow Farm Indiana

YouTubeAuthorities have found more than 10,000 pieces of human remains at Herb Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm in Indiana.

Authorities worked with Othram Lab, which is the largest forensic genetics lab in the country. Together, Othram and the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office developed comprehensive DNA profiles for the victims.

“After successfully completing the process, the DNA profile was delivered to the FBI’s forensic genetic genealogy team and the FBI team performed the necessary genealogical research to generate new investigative leads in the case,” Othram stated, according to DNA Solves.

Inside Herb Baumeister’s Crimes And The Horrors Of Fox Hollow Farm

Herb Baumeister

WRTVHerb Baumeister, the serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least 12 young men between 1980 and 1996.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, businessman and father of three Herb Baumeister cruised gay clubs in Indianapolis and lured young men to his million-dollar estate at Fox Hollow Farm. There, he would strangle them to death, sometimes in his indoor pool, and bury their remains on his property.

On one occasion in 1994, Baumeister’s son discovered a human skull while playing in the yard at Fox Hollow Farm and brought it to his mother, Baumeister’s wife. This, coupled with eyewitness accounts from people who had violent encounters with Herb Baumeister, brought an end to his reign of terror.

Fox Hollow Farm Pool

RedditThe pool at Fox Hollow Farm where Herb Baumeister strangled many of his victims.

By mid-1996, Baumeister’s wife gave authorities permission to search the property while he was away on vacation. In total, investigators ultimately found the remains of 12 men.

Herb Baumeister fled Fox Hollow Farm before authorities could arrest him, and he later shot himself dead at Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada in July 1996. Even in his suicide note, Baumeister made no mention of the crimes.

Today, authorities are still on the hunt for his victims buried at Fox Hollow Farm. Some even believe that Herb Baumeister may be Indiana’s unidentified I-70 Strangler, the serial killer who strangled young men and left their bodies on the side of the interstate throughout the 1980s.

For now, investigators will continue to search for the victims of Herb Baumeister at Fox Hollow Farm and beyond so that they can give some sense of closure to their families several decades later.

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